It's Corolla vs Corolla in this shocking crash test video

Words: Nile Bijoux
18 May 2017

If you're still trundling around in your trusty old "it gets me from A to B" Corolla, you might want to hit up Trademe for something a bit newer. This video shows just how good safety tech has gotten and just how bad it was.

The folks at ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) recently put together a video showing what happens when a Toyota Corolla from 1998 and a Toyota Corolla from 2015 at precisely 64kmh have a slightly offset head-to-head collision. While you've probably seen footage of cars from 1965 getting destroyed in safety tests, and more modern videos showing how relatively safe cars from today are, you won't have seen it more starkly than this.

Back in 1998 the then-new Corolla was actually pretty safe. It received an A rating from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration over in the States, netting a four-star frontal impact score. The model used doesn't, however, have any airbags, but even that wouldn't have stopped the front passenger side from completely disintegrating. 

The driver's head in the '98 smashed into the steering wheel as both objects met in the middle, with the head going on to connect with the dash. In the '15 things were comparatively much rosier, with steering wheel and side airbags keeping the driver shaken, bruised with maybe a couple of broken bones, but alive. The cabin stayed mostly intact, with the A pillars and roof showing waviness and kinks but nothing like the wreck of the '98. 

While you would generally expect this levels of improvement over the years, it's still a common sight to see older cars like this Corolla on New Zealand roads. We understand that sometimes you need a vehicle and old Corolla's are all you can afford but please, if you can upgrade so something a little bit more recent, try to do so. It's absolutely worth it.


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