Honda developing a hotter NSX?

Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Aug 2017

A well-placed camera at the Nurburgring has caught a mysterious NSX variant gunning it around the fabled track. NSX Type R incoming..?

The video shows two different NSXs, both with sensors in different places. The silver car has a small black module on the driver's side roof while the dark one has a bigger sensor taped near the engine bay with cables leading into the depths of the car. 

Having two cars run simultaneously would allow the team to have comparative data in identical track conditions. Logic would say the silver car is a predominantly stock NSX while the black is a test mule for powertrain tweaks.

Rumours of an NSX Type R have been making the rounds basically since the production version was released. Legend has it Honda will get rid of the front-mounted electric motors and possibly the rear ones too, leaving the 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 to direct its fury at the rear wheels with the front end only doing the steering. Cranking the boost on the turbos could make up the power deficit too. Ditching the electrical systems would mean the 1725kg curb weight would drop significantly as well, leading to a more performance-oriented car. Not that the regular NSX isn't, of course.

A Type R could take styling cues from the GT3 racer, with bigger side intakes and a large rear wing. None of this is visible in the video, but its entirely plausible the engineers are only focusing on the powertrain. 

Either way, the prospect of Honda testing an NSX Type R is very exciting. We just got our hands on the Civic Type R - you'll be able to read about it in next months magazine issue.


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