Ferrari CEO to unveil new five-year plan

Words: Nile Bijoux
1 Aug 2017

The plan will reportedly include a new SUV from the marque, as well as hybrid options.

A while back we discussed the possibility of Ferrari working on a new utility vehicle - not an SUV, the brand doesn't really want to be associated with that, even though that's more or less what it is - and a new report from Bloomberg seems to confirm that. 

As part of a big push to move beyond its traditional area of supercars and sports cars, the Prancing Horse is nosing around in new grounds. Hybrid models are being developed, although we could see this coming, and a roomy "utility vehicle" is also in the works. Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne had previously voiced his disregard for the idea, but now seems to have come around after witnessing the massive boom in the SUV market as of recent. 

The Bloomberg report says the four-seat family car is to be bigger than the current two-door GTC4Lusso and mainly target Asian customers, particularly those in China. 2,000 units could sell in China alone.

The F16X, the bigger car's development code, is expected to share a platform with the upcoming GTC4Lusso replacement, which is expected to debut around the 2020 mark. All-wheel-drive will remain and the crossover will apparently use a V8-hybrid setup.

Marchionne took over Ferrari in 2014 and has since been pushing volume hard. The current target is to bump sales from 8,014 in 2016 to 9,000 in 2019. A new strategy could even lead to a jump as high as 15,000 - something Marchionne hinted he was working on during his first-quarter earnings presentation back in May.

The only issue with this is that clearing the 10,000 units per year mark would push Ferrari beyond its "small vehicle manufacturer" status which protects it from some American and European fuel-use and emissions rules. 

We'll know for sure what the Prancing Horse are planning when Marchionne unveils his plan in early 2018 at the latest. Until then, we'll have to rely on the drip-feed spy shots.


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