Auckland motorways around Waterview Tunnel to revert to 100kmh

Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Sep 2017

After public outcry, the New Zealand Transport Agency has announced that the speed limit on motorways around the Waterview Tunnel would be raised to 100kmh.

The NZTA made the announcement yesterday, backtracking on a reduced limit of 80kmh around the new tunnel.

The agency's system design manager Brett Gliddon said in a media release that the agency had been monitoring the operational and safety performance on highways around the tunnel and were taking on customer feedback.

He said that the variable signs balanced the need for safety and smooth traffic flow well.

"The motorway system around the tunnel and through the central motorway junction is complex with higher traffic volumes and a significant amount of lane changing and the speed limits need to reflect these conditions while also ensuring we keep motorists safe."

"We want to ensure that people's journeys on the motorway are as safe and easy as we can make them."

Over 13,950 people have signed a petition to raise the limit on the motorways from 80kmh, which was put in place when construction of the tunnels and surrounding motorways began. 

The petition was due to be submitted to NZTA upon reaching 15,000 signatures, asking why a "brand new four lane motorway" could not handle a higher speed.


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