2017 Ford GT dukes it out with Camaro ZL1

Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Aug 2017

We all know how ruthlessly good the new Ford GT is on track, but it just can't seem to shake this 2017 Camaro ZL1 in this video.

The two cars make extremely similar power - 482kW for the GT and 480kW for the ZL1. With the cost difference you'd assume the GT to demonstrate a decent lead in the power game, but not so. Where it makes up the ground is weight and cornering speed, which should lead you to the conclusion that it is a monster on the track - which, in the hands of professionals, it certainly is.

However, the video above shows Luke McGrew hooning around the Mid Ohio Raceway behind a 2017 Ford GT while driving his ZL1. You'd think a car whose racing brother won Le Mans in the first year it entered would walk away from a humble muscle car. However, it isn't the case.

We can't tell for sure how hard the GT driver is pushing himself and the car, probably not too hard. The GT has a lower centre of gravity and proper downforce compared to the Camaro so it should at least leave the Chevy in the dust in the corners. There are also other cars on the track so it makes sense that both drivers aren't driving their hardest. 

Even so, it's impressive that the Camaro can keep up as well as it can. The Alpha platform is amazing and the LT4 V8 engine certainly makes good power. All that said, its just nice to see the GT out on the track and not kept in a museum somewhere. Ford didn't design the GT to be a pedestal piece, they want it out on the roads.



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